Are people privileged by faith or are they given priority because of their hard work and dedication? Masanori first said,” The population of Japan is decreasing”. I was like, “What?” Because what you see anywhere you go is that the family grows, the nation grows, and apparently, the population of a living thing grows. For once, I thought he was telling how natural calamities are affecting their people and their nation.

But his statement got me hooked. I don’t know if it’s a Japanese tradition to stay in silence until someone speaks but yes, my college president did say to speak with them and that they won’t speak until you do. I stayed for a while wondering, which did maintain a silence between us. It took me back to the past, in which one of the passengers on the same taxi said, “The marriage is less common in adult age”. Which apparently meant that people are more focused on works and giving their best that they forget to make their future.

So now, he gave me a rough figure of 500 Bhutanese who travel to Japan yearly. I didn’t ask if it was for work or studies. He also added, “about 2 million people come to Japan from all across the world”. It was a situation like Indian nationals coming to Bhutan for works. Multiply the country’s population by 2, and you will still not get the number of people being outsourced by rest of the countries in Japan.

His Majesty, in today’s convocation (13th convocation) of the Royal University of Bhutan, addressed, “What we lack in numbers, we must make up with talent and dedication”. His Majesty also added in the later part of His speech, “The 70-30 trap”, which means Bhutanese nationals, they do the work but when the work progress reaches up to 70%, people either lose their interest, dedication, fall back or they don’t want to do. Which lead to a further conclusion, that stated,” Always a 100% in whatever you do.”

This was the point where His Majesty’s word struck my brain again when Masanori OGATA and his friend, Mechanical Engineer named Hajime SHIRAI from his place was telling about, “No Action Only Talking”. The term, in short, was “NAOT” over which we broke into laughter for a while. Maybe that’s the reason Japanese people wear a jacket which looks like an armour jacket which had everything; the pen; the notepad; the mosquito coil; the camera; and lot more. Literary it was a jacket with full of pockets, from small size to the largest size you can imagine. That physically showed how ready and prepared they are.

So, I went on asking, I was excited to know more and more. I asked about their food, the ethnicity, about life in Japan and his work-out here. This part turned out to be more of casual talk, but I loved it.

The conclusion, that my mind brought today, “Whether you are a Japanese, Indian, Bhutanese or a Russian. If you start your day with something, complete it, give your 100% so that the other person has no other words to say but to sing praises of your great works”.

Arigatō gozai mashita for reading.