About Me

Based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, Karan is a freelance Web and Graphic Designer. He started maintaining his personal blog (2017) to churn his hobbies in writing.

During his early days in college (Jigme Namgyel Engineering College , 2015-2017), literary activities would always captivate him. Despite his participation in various literary activities, he was also the founding member of the Media Club in the college. As a lead in the club, Karan was known for bringing in various activities related to media such as short film competition, filming training, and inheriting of skills to the club members. Said that; it also takes him back to Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative where he first received his filming and photography training organized by Chökyi Gyatso Institute in collaboration with Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative and Deer Park Institute.

Karan is known for various voluntary activities happening in the capital city. His voluntary on social causes and community change began with Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy since early 2015. He also facilitates various youth groups in becoming a part of the change.

Most of the write-ups seen on this blog are based on things that are happening around while some are fiction stories. Karan’s style of writing in most cases; blends the stories with short poems. Karan is also a social enthusiast, a poet.


I wanted to ask if you are
addicted to your sadness!
Holy mackerel? A joy in your sadness?
Well to be true, my endorphins
weren’t functioning right,
it was cold everywhere.
There was this wide berth
I didn’t want to talk about and
I am afraid I am not that wunderkind anymore.
Sorry to myself but I don’t blame all
those situations, consequences or this world.
It’s bit confusing though, like
someone feeling sad over rain while someone feels happy.
It was not the sadness of love, maybe existence!
I could try to fight or simply forget.
That would mean I’d win,
a sunny future, happy as hell or
a paltry more on endless sadness,
but I’d like to believe I won.
Because we exist, there is no end to that truth
I choose to be at my zenith every day.
Let these emotions be ravaged and erstwhile.
Let that be a quagmire to an imbued self.
Let butterflies alone be the symbol of beauty
and you are beautiful enough
to appreciate your growing self.