Crowds in the south all the way to the west to the capital in the east, non-talked about the other but the sellers of the tiger skin. For what earned more gold then that of the skin of the tiger did not exist in the universe until next eternity. Namgay was the greatest hunter in the entire nation. For no one killed as he did. Ministers and rulers accompanied him, yet for his livelihood Namgay supplied goods. His faithfulness and compassion always ruled the hearts of his companions.

Ten years ago, in the glacier of the Himalayas lived a wealthy man. He was known not only for his good heart to the society but also for protecting them from all the predators that came to hunt the people around. The choice was all of the men whether to slay a tiger, a hare, a deer or a vulture. Every day was a great day, for individuals didn’t feed themselves with their family but with the entire community. Yes, the food was cooked for all. Non-lived as far as the eyes can see in summer or winter. 

Children’s of the village played with the wolves sometimes while elders played archery with thick jackets made of yak’s hair.  The winter was near and animals knowing of treason slowed in attacking the humans. Yenten and his companions went for the hunt, searching for animals to drive out the hunger. Yet all that the elders as a hunter could bring was nothing more than an heir as tigers became stronger ambushing the carnivorous animals around.

A grown-up son of Yenten soon found an inhabitant living in the west. West was known for trade and business. A ride on the horse brought Kado to the windows of businesses. Perhaps he realized he could be the greatest merchant in the west. Kado went back to the north.

“Father, I have found a source of food and good”.

Yenten was astonished hearing his son speaking of that. The elders of the community gather. The hunt for tiger starts. A man from the elders, “We shall not return home without one.” To the surprise of society, three tigers were killed. As Kado knew what was precious, he segregated the bones, skin and the meat. While the meat fed the society of 5000 people, Kado took the rest to the west.

Kado gets permission for a small place for the sale of his goods. Not a day passed and Kado was announced as the richest man in the Kingdom.

“The highest gold holder”, “The man who knew business”, “The ultimate hunter of all time”, and countless ones.

The “The Cypress Times”, a daily newspaper, always had a story of Kado on the first page, until one day Dorji started his business on Yarsagumba (Caterpillar fungus). He used the secret of the valley to heal thousands in the west. The pages of The Cypress Times got played by the stories of Kado and Dorji.

Kado, in exchange for the goods he sold, with the gold he took fresh crops and goods for his society while Dorji made enough gold for the odd seasons. Father Yenten was very happy for both Dorji and Kado. “My Sons, you are the true father of our peoples.”

Summer was near and it brought news from the capital in the east.

“Dear Citizen,

This message may be a threat or something you must accept kindly. Tigers are already less in number in our kingdom. Henceforth, the killing of tigers has been announced as a crime. Preserving what we have is the first priority, the citizens of this country should have”.

Yenten bowed down before the Gods, in the Shrine. “Lord, why did thee bring upon us the problem. How will thy people survive?”

The mountains produced less yarsagumba as time passed and Dorji’s business earned lesser and lesser.

The letter from the rulers came to Yenten. “We want one of you to come and join us in hunting.” Yenten decided to send Namgay, the youngest son. His mother reckoned, 

“Whatever you do? From whatever you earn? A little portion of what you get belongs to our Gods. Thus, it will be returned to you in a hundred folds.”

From the amount he was given, Namgay made sure few percent went to the shrine. He was praised by all the rulers and great men of the kingdom and entire east praised him for being the greatest companion of the ruler; the greatest hunting companion ever.

He had a small business from before, whereby Namgay supplied fresh crops to the east to the capital of the kingdom. Not much of gap was there when all of the brothers enrolled themselves in business life.

The youngest always kept that in mind. A portion he earned, he offered to the Gods, the portion of God. Soon, Namgay got the words from the Royals to supply fresh goods. His faithfulness and compassion to God, the people, and praises by the entire nation made him the richest man taking over his elder brothers and the first page of The Cypress Times.

A messenger of God spoke to him one day,

“When people know they can count on you to be good to your word, you can build relationships that are far more valuable to you then money and the money flows automatically”

Mother collected the amount that people offered in the shrine and sent to the poor and needy ones in the kingdom, with a letter of blessings.