“AS young citizens, all of you must be contemplating with excitement, the future ahead for yourself and for Bhutan,” His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Bhutanese youth are given the first priority to make the country’s future. Education and health in Bhutan are always a reward for the youth. Education brings great opportunities for one to explore. The government will always think of making the country better, but it is in our hands how we want the country to be. I believe that the Bhutanese youth have the best opportunity to explore and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

It was more of monastic education and less of conventional school education in the past. Today, we have many schools, colleges, training institutes, and free health facilities in almost all the dzongkhags.

His Majesty always stresses on the importance of education in almost every public and institutional visits, giving children inspiration through his words of wisdom. Youth today are given scholarships, kidu grants and free training. Such opportunities mould them into skilful citizens of the country. Taking opportunities would be the best way to achieve our goals.

Sometimes, due to ignorance, youth tend to make wrong decisions, which often results in unemployment. Every youth prefers a white-collar job to a blue-collar job. After graduation, they think, “I should be in the office with a computer”. There are different ways in which one can help serve the county, and it does not necessarily have to be doing a desk-bound job. The youth should get away from the traditional desire of sitting on rotating chairs in big offices. Instead, they should start getting their hands dirty. This is when one will grow in life.

The country has changed a lot, but our traditions are still intact and may remain the same for eons. What youth should do is to work hard to be better and take up the opportunities provided. It is not in our hands to change the laws and rules, but it is in our hands to change the country in terms of development, science and technology.

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