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No wonder, for you, for me, for parents, for guardian, and for business people although happiness is must yet happiness cannot be guaranteed solely without money in this modern world. Once a wise man said, “You shouldn’t live for money but money is necessary for living”, anonymous. The idea was talked and brought forward with and by Viraj (Film maker & Photographer), “The Banks in Bhutan are the only ones where you see people with happy faces, happily conversating and smiling at one another.”

Bhutan’s definition for the peoples and the country itself normally starts with a word or with a concept of happiness in speeches/talks of any individual of this country. A happy, a jolly, the Last Shangri-La, or one of the happiest countries in the world. I bet the country does promises happiness although problems are common in every individual’s life. But, are not all the banks around the world supposed to serve a common purpose, a place to store money, to do the investments and the loans?

One can solely depend on nature and agriculture and be self-sufficient. Not needing to be a servant or work under someone else. But! No, the world has become more challenging unless you are one of the carnivals. Not all people have gardens and farms, and not all people have enterprises, organizations, and industries. One has to depend upon another for what you and I do not have. The mode that communicates with all that the one have and the other doesn’t is money/cash/cheque. And that is where the Bank plays a fundamental role in one’s life.

With the start of Bank of Bhutan (BOB) in 1968. Bhutan has seen a devasting change in various sectors whether its development, small industries, business, or health and education. Me and my friend, we were sitting inside another bank named Bhutan National Bank (BNB). As soon as we entered, he added on our conversation, “The banks out here are beautiful”. We were sitting while our work was getting done. Viraj was looking around and he started with a smile and laughed. He said,

“The Banks in Bhutan are the only ones where you see people with happy faces, happily conversating and smiling at one another.”

I got into laughter. Well, I was kind of, “being inside a bank does not limit you on your smiling, conversating or being happy?” Well, there was a point in his words. I have seen many peoples inside banks in movies standing in a queue, with a doomed face, some with sweat falling, and although all would be together yet all are alone in their personal world.

So? Just wondering how people react to when they are using global online banks for transactions. That’s probably on the internet. For my kind of people, the internet is a source of knowledge, entertainment, and useful materials. I can learn the things from it, thus, resulting in my life making things easier.

Well, Bhutan has now got 5 different banks namely, Bank of Bhutan (BOB), Bhutan National Bank (BNB), Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL), Tashi Bank, and Druk Punjab Bank (PNB). All of the banks are identified on the basis of how people choose to use. Some would choose this bank for individual saving while some would use the same bank for business.

But, yes! After that conversation, I did notice (Which I didn’t till now) that Bhutanese are actually cool inside bank despite who is sitting next to or standing behind.

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