Sikkim Diary

How fascinating can your travel diary be? Is it not true that everything you see becomes a “memory”, the very next moment. Then, why travel? Or should I ask you a question? Why work all the days of your life? And what does “work” really mean? Perhaps today, the beauty the world has, for the […]


Are we taking religion for GRANTED

The number of people turning atheist is increasing day by day. While the ancestors were one of Buddhist, Hindu, Christen or of Islam. Wikipedia and the Pew Research Centre, for now, shows 16% of the world population as an atheist, non-religious or people with no religion. I wonder how the young mind start losing faith […]

Talk with Ogata

A talk with Masanori OGATA

Are people privileged by faith or are they given priority because of their hard work and dedication? Masanori first said,” The population of Japan is decreasing”. I was like, “What?” Because what you see anywhere you go is that the family grows, the nation grows, and apparently, the population of living thing grows. For once […]