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How fascinating can your travel diary be? Is it not true that everything you see becomes a “memory”, the very next moment? Then, why travel? Or should I ask you a question? Why work all the days of your life? And what does “work” really mean?

Perhaps today, the beauty the world has, for the peoples and for every creature to see. It can be categorized into two. First, the world which is naturally created, the greens, blues, the seas and oceans, waterfalls and rivers, and the growing mountains kissing the clouds. Second, the architectural creation of mankind. Humans are creative, aren’t they?   

So, thus did my travel journey on this early summer began; all the way from the capital city of Bhutan (Thimphu), to the capital city of Sikkim (Gangtok). And Sikkim was a perfect blend of the natural beauty and humans architect.

I should say, it was all planned from a month or two before but it was completely unplanned as I never had a fixed day on which day I should be starting my travel diary. Actually, we were three of us that we planned to complete this travel diary, but it was yesterday that we discussed that we would go today and one got left behind. So Yeshi and I, we started with our first bus booked.

Five hours from Thimphu to Phuentsholing (India-Bhutan Border). Then for the hunt of a taxi that would go to Siliguri or to Sikkim but our luck was off our sight. The only bulb that got lit in our head, it was to get a ride till Siliguri through Bhutan Transport Bus. We had to wait until 3 pm. So we entered inside Kizom cafe and Yeshi was probably scrolling through his Instagram while I opened my laptop to do some work. An hour in a cafe and another six hours got us in Siliguri.

The next day was again, the hunt for taxis going to Sikkim. We checked out from the hotel at 7 am but we got our ride at 9 am only. So that’s it. Five hours in a taxi and one mesmerizing thing that got into my sight was the “Welcome to Sikkim” gate all sculptured with the ethnic taste; the dragon sculptured around the gate. The places from Sikkim entry gate and all the landscape; they were great but very similar to the mountains in Bhutan. But at the very moment, when you see the Gangtok hill, that’s absolute bliss. Buildings all coloured differently, stacked one above another in the uphill until the mountain top. Man! That was a mountain beautifully crafted; a home for more than 1,80,000 people in Gangtok’s main city.

As we got down at the taxi station at Gangtok we walked to Mahatma Gandhi Marg. In short, it’s called MG Marg. It is said that MG Marg Road is the real paradise; the main attraction point of Gangtok town. One thing you got to trust me on is that the stairs at Gangtok are crazy. To reach from one highway to the next highway above its “the” number of steps that you got to walk. The steps are already uncountable and it’s so steep at most places. So we entered one of the cafes named Bakers Cafe. Food and drink were good I should say but the weather was too hot for the people who belong to the highlands and in the north. To get a taxi in Sikkim is a difficult task so I noticed that waking was the all-time choice for most of the people residing in the town. Towards the evening we went to Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoche’s monastery and made our stay for the night at the guest house in the monastery. We got the blessing from His Holiness early morning, The monastery is believed to be one of the most precious in Gangtok as almost all the people had good say about His Holiness, the local government leaders would go there to receive blessings and to thank for new avenues.

Right below the Temple was the Tibetan Heritage Museum. The museum was all treasured with some of the most precious jewels of the ancient. Almost all of the things inside related to Tibetan-Buddhism history. It is also called as Namgyal Institute of Tibetology and the history speaks that the foundation of the institute was laid by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in the year 1957 then it was officially opened by the Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 1st October 1958. The eye-catching treasures kept inside were relict of Buddha and some of the most precious monuments that were returned to India.

The next two days we went on checking some of the cafes and live music stations in the main city. Nothing would catch our mood better than the cafe Live and Loud and Gangtok Groove. Both the cafes are known for bringing in bands from all across the region and from nearby countries. The interior design at Live and Loud was spectacular and so was with the Gangtok Groove. In my notice, Live and Loud cafe attracted people for its flavoured hookah. Although Gangtok is part of India but tobacco, it’s illegal in the city, so you always have to find yourself a private smoking area if you smoke or consume tobacco. You may be knowing more!

The rain in the city was just another, an everyday story for the summer season; with the brightest sun in the morning to the flooding rain on roads in the evening. As the paths are either upward or downward, the colours of umbrella always gave the amazing patterns for the photographer. There was always an amazement to take my attention. With the rising sun in the morning, the tourist visiting Gangtok, made the MG Marg Road, a real mixture of different ethnic taste. The people visiting from Nepal would dress in their own way, while people from Thailand would pick their ethnic colour. I should say every face had a story to tell if you like noticing around.

With the last day, we got our breakfast at the Coffee House, and that’s it, the journey back to the homeland. 

Some of my poems written in Gangtok;

***** 1 ****

Rain it’s so insane here
All that we gain
Falling shower now in vain
Where does the rain drain
I can't figure the chain
How tonight the smokers and drivers here!
All they train, how voices can make one
I mean the one, to fall being a dark palace.
The rain, the pilot of hearts and toxic,
It’s the same, can never be trusted.
Thus says my karma, laugh enough and more
Over the same moment's and thousands more
Now what I bore, me for myself
The rain, the drain, and young-not-young night
It’s all same, they can never be trusted.
As I see him writing, as I see me writing
and the people around talking
What keeps us going
The same rain and drain and the pilots of heart
It’s the same lolling again, can never be trusted
Now as I feel some flees fighting a fight
Should I undress myself to tube lights
Well the rain that’s draining
And I am still laughing
They can never be trusted

***** 2 ****

The Gangtok Groove 
How narrow to music ? 
Until coffee and cocktails ? 
Until my shallow eyes to sing ? 
How far with Groove inside, when 
Sip to sing, when lip to string ? 
The Gangtok Groove
All about mock-tails for heart dancers
I am finally free, the base and music speak ?
The Gangtok Groove, for us and travellers ?
For how long to hit the Base ?, This,
The Gangtok Groove, music for heat beaters


Thanks for reading 🙂   

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